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squiggle.GIFThree Word Thursday Project

Every Thursday throughout the semester Multimedia I students will be responsible for creating a picture or video clip based on “three words”. These words can be about any topic of your choosing: How you feel, an activity, person/people, an event, etc. – as long as it’s G-rated, of course! At the end of the semester, you will combine these original creations to develop a Three Word “mash-up” utilizing a digital storytelling tool (i.e. Movie Maker).

Check out the details below.

squiggle.GIFPhoto Story Video Projects

  • Welcome to My World... Click here for project guidelines and resources. (Semester I - 2012)elcome to My World
  • BAHS Remembers: A 911 Tribute... Click here for project guidelines and resources. (Semester I - 2011)

Check out the winning project, created by Ian O. and Seth H., shown above. Other excellent final products can be viewed here and/or on individual student wikispaces (links located on the navigation bar).
Welcome to My World
A 911 Tribute

  • Global Issues Photo Story Project... Click here for project guidelines and resources. (Semester II - 2012)

Global Issues

squiggle.GIFiGoogle Pages
  • Create a personalized Google page containing a variety of gadgets that allow you to do one or more of the following without ever having to leave your Google account:
    • View your latest Gmail messages.
    • Read headlines from Google News and other top news sources.
    • Check out weather forecasts, stock quotes, and movie showtimes.
    • Store bookmarks for quick access to your favorite sites from any computer.
    • Design your own gadget.


squiggle.GIFMultimedia Wikispaces

  • Create a wiki that will be utilized as a digital portfolio highlighting all of your Multimedia projects and activities. (Student wikis can be accessed via the navigation bar located on this page.)

  • "Trick out your Wiki" by using the sites and directions on the handout shown below:

squiggle.GIFCool Text Activity

  • Visit http://cooltext.com to create customized titles and logos that can be embedded into your wiki pages.


squiggle.GIFWikispace/Glogster Activity


Multimedia Wikispace Home Page Glogs:

You need Flash plugin!

(Click on any thumbnail in the presentation to view a glog in full screen mode.)

squiggle.GIFB-A Photo Collage Project

MS Digital Image Suite

squiggle.GIFVoki Activity


squiggle.GIFB-A Movie Trailer Project


squiggle.GIFInstructional Video Project: Paper Slide Style (Benchmark Assessment)

Flip Video Cameras


squiggle.GIFWhat's In Your Bucket? Digital Poster Activity

Bucket List Glogs:

You need Flash plugin

(Click on any thumbnail in the presentation to view a glog in full screen mode.)

squiggle.GIFWhat's the Word-le? Activity


Wordle: I Have A Dream Speech - MLK

Favorite Speech
Wordle: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Favorite Poem
Wordle: MJ Trail

Current Event
Wordle: All About Me Activity

All About Me

Project Web Sites
Glitter Text Generator
free glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

Ways to Use a Wordle

Example of a Wordle embedded to on a Word Document:

Example of a Wordle embedded on a Power Point Slide:

Example of a Wordle Cropped in Paint & Saved as an Image/Uploaded to a Web Site:


Image Chef Project

squiggle.GIFCook Up Some Cool Visuals With Image Chef
Image Chef Project

Poetry Blender Example

Awareness Ribbon Example

Awareness Ribbons Customized - ImageChef.com

Basketball Jersey Example

Customized Basketball Jersey - ImageChef.com

License Plate Example

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Wave Animation Example

Big Huge Labs Project

squiggle.GIFGetting Big Huge Results from Big Huge Labs

Motivational Poster Example

Additional Examples
Additional examples related to this project can be found at http://jf20.wikispaces.com/Big+Huge+Labs+-+Techapalooza+2011.
Supalogo Text Generator
Visit http://supalogo.com to create a customized title for your Big Huge Labs wiki page.


Edmodo Blogging Activity

squiggle.GIFEdmodo Blogging Activity

Domo Animate Project

squiggle.GIFProject Animation Creation

Flaming Text Generator
Visit http://www4.flamingtext.com to create a customized title for your Domo Animate wiki page.


Logo Generator Activity

squiggle.GIFLogo Generator Activity

Create a logo for your wikispace using the following Web 2.0 tool: Logo Type Maker



Editing Audio with Audacity

squiggle.GIFEditing Audio with Audacity
mp3/wav Practice Project
  • Practice Project


Gold Rush Project
  • Gold Rush Project

Radio Commercial Project
  • Radio Commercial Project


squiggle.GIFMovie Maker Madness Project


Visit "Spell with flickr" at http://metaatem.net/words to create a customized title for your Movie Maker wiki page.

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